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Kansas City - Sacramento 







K2065 1970s Kansas City Kings - pin holes/creamed/aged Ex SOLD K2065_Kings.jpg (9905 bytes)
K8313 2005 Sacramento Kings - Winccraft NM-Mint $     5.99 K8313_Kings.gif (18113 bytes)
K8278 70s-80s Sacramento - no spine Ex Mint $    11.99 K8278 Kings.jpg (274589 bytes)
K5170 2000s Sacramento Kings Wincraft NM-Mint $      5.99 K5170 Kings.jpg (32284 bytes)
K2066 1990s Sacramento Kings-10" Mini Pennant Mint $      2.50 K2066_Kings.jpg (13242 bytes)
K2067 1998-99 Sacramento Kings Wincraft Edition #4 NM-Mint $      7.99 K2067_Kings.jpg (11597 bytes)
K2068 1990s Sacramento Kings Mint-NM $      7.99 K2068_Kings.jpg (12615 bytes)